All The Awesomeness Course Bundle

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This bundle is right for you if you know that there has to be more to life than just making other people happy and you need a place to start!

1 - Access the tools and resources you need to uncover what matters most to you
2 - Get the clarity you need to take the next AWESOME step
3 - Build the habit of putting BE F'N AWESOME at the top of your to-do list!


Get your hands on the TOP 10 Resources to help you end the battle with your inner critic. Write a NEW chapter in your story and build the habit of being

Also known as The Busy Woman's Guide to Thriving through Change, this course walks you through the steps that you need to learn, practice and master to learn to thrive through any change and become Resilient AF!

Your premium STARTER KIT includes the 3 elements (Workbook, Online Course + 90-Day Journal) that when used together, help you to create a journaling habit that fits your life. PLUS the a handcrafted leather cover and 1 years worth of refills! 

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Dionne Thomson

Motivated by the brave, brilliant women in her life and her drive to change the narrative for busy women everywhere, Dionne is on a mission is to help 1 million women end the battle with their inner critic!

For decades she spent her time and energy (and money) trying to live into society’s shouldy expectations, believing that making others happy would (somehow) make her happy. And it took a series of serious breakdowns for her to finally bust through that bull$#*t. 

Through it all she's learned that our collective purpose on this planet is to be happy and enjoy life, not beat ourselves up about the past or worry about the future. Through her work as a coach, podcaster, author, artist, and if you ask her clients, “inner critic whisperer”, she inspires busy women to take ownership of their lives and finally turn the volume down on their inner critic. 

She spent years feeling overworked and under-appreciated, believing that part of our duty as women was to stay put on the back burner of our own lives. If you've ever felt the same way, Dionne is here to help you believe something different. 

The brave, brilliant women she works with, struggle with perfectionism, people-pleasing, numbing, and the imposter demons; and for years chalked up how they felt to not enoughness… 

To help women overcome these patterns of disconnection she puts easy and effective tools, like her Journaling Starter Kit, in their hands, so they too, can breakthrough the bullshit and become the awesome, authentically happy people, they are born to be!

When she isn't working she spends much of her time fully immersed in the joys of family life with her hubby, 2 littles and fur-baby Penny. She also feels free to follow her fascinations, to infuse love and laughter into every conversation, and...this one is very important... will stop at nothing to enjoy her favourite ice cream - Moose Tracks!


Dionne wants her work and her life to inspire us all to use our collective voice to bust through the shame-driven culture we Iive in, write a new chapter for all women and most importantly re-write the narrative for you and the next generation!