IN-PERSON June 28th GUEST: Roxanne Jameus

28 JUNE 2023 WEDNESDAY, 06:30 PM EDT

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This Hot Mess to Awesomeness Society Meeting is being held in Midland at the North Simcoe Recreation Centre, 6:30 - 9:00pm.
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Meet our guest Roxanne Jameus the brilliant soul behind Everlasting Light

Roxanne believes in discovering simple and fun ways to do the inner work, infusing every day with joy and openness.

Drawing upon her work as a Transformation Coach & Human Design Guide and her experience with mindfulness, and energetics, she'll be offering us the chance to amplify our "glimmers" through a series of powerful, fun & simple activities.

With a deep understanding of the challenges that arise from a life of forcing and control, Roxanne embarked on her own transformative journey of self-discovery. Along the way, she uncovered powerful tools that embraced more flow and ease, nurturing her nervous system, strengthening her trust, and co-creating with the universe.  

This will be our last Society meeting for a while (next one is Sept 27th) and with Roxanne's help you'll get to walk away from this gathering with your heart & hands full, ready to enjoy every ounce of awesomeness the summer will bring!
This will be the perfect night for new members to see what The Society is all about, invite your friends and make a night of it!