IN-PERSON May 31st GUEST: Dawn / DWN Craft Chocolatier!

31 MAY 2023 WEDNESDAY, 06:30 PM EDT

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This Meeting is being held in Midland at the North Simcoe Recreation Centre, 6:30 - 9:00pm.
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Meet our guest Dawn Nita the brilliant mind behind DWN Craft Chocolatier

After spending most of the last decade as lead chocolatier and manager for two of Toronto’s most celebrated and sought-after independent chocolate brands, Dawn  relocated to the sunshine city of Orillia and launched DWN Craft Chocolatier.  

Dawn creates hand-crafted chocolate bars and confections featuring local, natural, and carefully selected ingredients in sometimes surprising combinations that are fun, comforting, and familiar.  

As Simcoe County’s only chocolate maker, DWN incorporates the fundamentals of bean-to-bar chocolate making with the whimsical colour and flavour combinations of fine chocolate bonbons.

What drew me to DWN's work is the obvious love and care she puts into everything that she does. While chatting with her I uncovered that the road to building her chocolate empire was not all sweet and enjoyable.

I'm excited for her to share her Hot Mess to Awesomeness story along with a selection of her delicious confections!