May 1st Society Meeting - The Best Friend Experience!

01 MAY 2024 WEDNESDAY, 06:30 PM EDT

This Hot Mess to Awesomeness Society Meetings are held in Midland at the North Simcoe Recreation Centre, 6:30 - 9:00pm.
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A few months back we took the first steps to re-writing your story and the importance of being your own hero! We had fun with my rendition of The Pixar Story Activity and everyone walked away with the makings of a great new chapter!

Now, I think we all know, that in every story there are supporting characters, those that lift you up & those that challenge you, some who share their wisdom and others who share their pain. And regardless of the ups and downs, it is through our relationships that we explore and learn how to live our lives.  

What is the most important relationship in your life?
Our guest story teller this month, Jessica Greenwell, will be sharing how through her relationships with people and animals a fire was lit in her soul, sparking a shift that would forever change her story and her outlook on life!

Together we'll be exploring how to spark a little fire into the most important relationship in your life using a little activity I call 'Letter To a Friend'. 

Join us on Wed May 1st for the chance to look at your story, your life, in a brand new way and walk away with the spark to Ignite Your Awesomeness!