ONLINE June 14th 'Why Self-Care Feels Hard'

14 JUNE 2023 WEDNESDAY, 06:25 PM EDT

Live Webinar Session has ended now.

6:30pm - 8:30pm


During my own self-exploration and resulting confusion as to why I couldn't seem to build certain self-care habits, or find time to do the things I "knew" were good for me, I realized that many of us have been conditioned to believe that we have to earn self-care, that we have to prove that we've done enough to deserve rest, and that there is some arbitrary scale out there weighing our value against how much we've done for others.

And this discovery led me to explore the reasons why so many women find self-care "hard", why they can't seem to find the time and how for some, "self" is NOT a priority!

The Truth about Self-Care Learning to trust yourself and feel safe in your own body IS the point of self-care! And WHAT you do matters less than WHY you do it!

Do you know WHY you want the benefits of self-care?
Whether you’re interested in yoga or journaling, mediation or sound bathing…every self-care act that you practice, that moves you closer to your WHY, counts!

Understanding the impact that a regulated nervous system, a optimized digestive system, a clear mind and open heart has on your life and getting clear picture of what your life would be like when you prioritize your Self, is the most powerful motivator, one that surpasses fear & will!

Annnnnd as an added bonus when you practice focusing on your WHY you do the important work of (re)building a trusting relationship with yourself! And self trust is what gets you through the hot messes of life and allows you to flourish with ease!

In this talk I'll be sharing what you can do to make Self-Care feel easier! Save Your Seat!