ONLINE May 16th GUEST: Lorra Kapteyn

16 MAY 2023 TUESDAY, 06:54 PM EDT

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Meet our guest Lorra Kapteyn, MSW, RSW

Lorra and I are both looking forward to sharing with you a candid conversation about her Hot Mess to Awesomeness journey and how she learned the importance of BOUNDARIES!

As a Registered Social Worker, specializing in Fertility Counselling, who runs a private practice supporting individuals and couples through the various and often stressful stages of parenthood, Lorra has a passion for helping people to become the best version of themselves!

After her own journey into parenthood, she knows the toll infertility can have on one's sense of self and by extension the impact it can have on your work, family & relationships. She is deeply aware of the sense of isolation it can create, along with the financial, emotional and mental exhaustion it causes.

Through her work and life experiences she has developed a deep passion for supporting individuals, predominantly women in identifying, implementing and holding boundaries with confidence. She is a recovering "people pleaser" who learned through multiple experiences and interactions how important healthy boundaries are and how they impact and influence your entire life.