The Inner Circle

A 9 month journey for women who are done with the bullshit + are ready to EMBRACE THEIR AWESOMENESS!

A long held dream to create, a values-driven career change, a loving relationship, a true commitment to your health, a sense of personal balance. And yet… It continues to be just out of reach. You didn’t used to have this problem. You did the right things, followed the path, worked your ass off, and got the gold stars. And then, the track ran out. Adulting took over. Your own wants took a backseat to reality. COVID hit... You've been doing what you need to do to get by.

You've got responsibilities, checking off to-dos and caring for the people you love -- and you get it all done. Even without your normal structure + support systems. A lot of the time it even looks you've got your shit together from the outside. But it doesn't feel that way on the inside. You feel untethered, like the ground is crumbling beneath you. You're caught in patterns of people-pleasing + over-compensating, or the procrastination/perfectionist cycle, or a paralyzing fear of the unknown that won't let you take the risks you long to take. 


You keep looking outside yourself for validation, for the 'right' answers + the 'right' next step on the path to happiness...

And I get it...

You might be 32 or 52, and at some point the external socially acceptable markers of success lose their power. All the busyness and 'to-doing' feels exhausting. You've forgotten where to go for inspiration and all the habits you try to change don’t actually change a thing.


Because without a true shift of your inner world you’re just rewashing the dishes after your partner didn't do it right… Without a radical connection to your inner self, your knowing, you're setting up camp in a patch of poison-ivy. Without embracing your inner awesomeness, you're following the rules of someone else's game. Without a supportive community to safely process your habits and patterns, you keep numbing out.


This is the program you've been waiting for, an exclusive community of AWESOME women who are ready to bust through the bullshit, take action and, for 9 months, commit 100% to building the habit of putting themselves first. It features monthly 1-on-1 coaching calls with Dionne Thomson, monthly mastermind calls, consistent  support (aka celebrating all your wins) + ALL The Awesomeness Academy has to offer.

I know that the #1 thing busy women need is a community of women who GET IT! Women who understand the many hats you wear, the push and pull of your responsibilities and who are ready to offer support without shoulding all over you!

For years I dreamed about creating a space that offers inspiration and action steps to busy women, so that they can easily access the community, content and coaching they need to make their happiness a priority! From this dream The Awesomeness Academy was born.  

Now, I am offering all the BEST parts of The Awesomeness Academy (the energy and support of a women's circle combined with the power of personalized 1-on-1 coaching) to a select group of women! Take advantage of this The Awesome Inner Circle and build the habit of putting YOU 1st!  

The Inner Circle was created for you my brilliant friend! I know how important it is for you to get shit done AND I know how tired you are feeling like you never have the time and energy to build a life where you come first.  

In this supportive and flourishing circle, you'll get everything you need to keep yourself focused on YOU. Encouragement, inspiration, motivation, a tribe of believing mirrors, tools strategies and me beside you every step of the way!  

In our 9 months together, you'll learn to embrace the AWESOME steps of change, practice surrendering to the messiness and discomfort that comes with with process (PS...that's where the magic happens!) and build the habit of putting you 1st!  

How The Inner Circle Works

Join us on this journey and receive...

9 Personal Coaching Sessions
1-on-1 laser focused coaching sessions with Dionne every month 

 9 Teaching Sessions
1 session per month from Dionne to guide you through each monthly theme

 9 Live Q + A Calls
2 hours every month with Dionne for Q + A, story sharing + supportive coaching

The Awesomeness Academy
FULL ACCESS to every course, Monthly Sisterhood Circle and 'Cool Shit' Masterclass

Private Group Chat
Connection, Witnessing + Celebration occur every day with your Inner Circle Sisters! 

Books/Podcasts/TED Talks
Monthly recommendations to help you deepen your exploration of the theme


Find out if The AWESOME Inner Circle is right for you and get on the WAITLIST for the next Inner Circle!

~ Ask all your questions.
~ Find out exactly what is required of you.
~ See the big picture and how it will work for you.
~ Hear why other 'busy women' are saying YES.
~ Get clear on the time + energy commitment.
~ Walk through the program and get a step by step plan.
~ Get everything  you need to make a confident decision

Certain things revealed themselves to me during my work with Dionne. I began to realize that I could set healthy boundaries and still be able to be there for the people I care about. The inner work that Dionne coached me through helped me to take charge of my own happiness! 

~ Hunter ~ 

Before working with Dionne I would never talk about myself or draw attention to my past...I was so afraid of being seen as self-centered. She helped me to see that my stories could help others, other women who are struggling as I did, and that being vulnerable was my greatest strength!

~ Sandy ~ 

I signed up for my 1st circle with Dionne many moons ago. I had no idea what I would uncover, but I knew I wanted, needed, to stop feeling so unsure of myself. In those first few gatherings I cried, released, let go and was introduced to the women I had been longing to meet!

~ Nanci ~ 

As a coach myself, I know how important it is to be surrounded by a community of 'believing mirrors' who lift me up. For the past 3 years Dionne's circles have given me the space to elevate,  align and connect with my 'knowing' in a real, raw, authentic way

~ Deanna ~ 

Why The Inner Circle

Because in the midst of chasing external success and validation, wearing masks of perfection and sarcasm, pleasing and pleading -- you forget that you are Enough.

You forget that you are Whole. Amazing. Loved. Capable. Mighty. Beautiful. Awesome.

News flash. Even in the midst of the hot mess and busyness  -- YOU ARE FUCKING AWESOME!

Emerge from this adventure with a deeper connection to your inner knowing, a truer sense of who you really are,  a clearer point of view and...

the habit of putting You 1st! 



To kick off our journey together, you’ll learn the importance of (re)claiming your time, energy and emotions and begin the crucial process of trusting your own uniqueness, so that you can finally “be yourself”.  After completing this month, you will know what is “yes” or “no” for your schedule, your time, your boundaries, and your life



Clarity begins when we radically accept where we are in this very moment. Knowing where you are allows you to begin. This month we will practice seeing, trusting and taking notice of our thoughts and emotions. This practice will prepare you to attune your energy to THIS moment so that you can confidently do the 'next right thing' 



This month we’ll welcome change and all the potential that lies within it. We'll dive into your fears and expectations, so that you can be that woman who makes choices that allow you to be proud, choices that honour your values, strength and your individuality, choices that set an aligned example for the other women in your life.



You spend so much time being disconnected from your body, seeing it as a separate entity. This month we'll practice tuning in and listening to what your body saying and embrace the energy and space that you occupy. This is about paying attention to how you occupy space and realigning your position with your intention.



Our Centering month is all about learning how to imbue your daily routines with magic and reverence so that you can stabilize your foundation and connect to something greater than yourself. It's totally possible to feel held by the fabric of the world in any ordinary moment and THAT is what we do this month.



You were born creative and the act of living and being taught otherwise has left a shadow on your heart.  Treat your life like a playground. Explore ways to make an offering, start a conversation, own your opinion, engage with your imagination, and share your talent. Creativity is all about allowing a piece of your heart to be witnessed.



Pure magic is felt when you carve out a
"Moment to Own Your Awesomeness". This month we will practice celebrating, acknowledging and saying out loud what you once believed 'not worth mentioning'.  Allowing your greatness to be expressed, felt, embraced and loved is what builds the habit of putting your happiness 1st.



It takes courage to dream and it takes courage to pull off said dreams. This month you’ll learn ways to deal with both the physical and mental triggers of fear and stress. You’ll practice bravery sitting alongside your worst case scenarios. And you’ll build belief in your own capability by taking action right outside your comfort zone.



Life is a spiral and when you get to the end, you arrive at the beginning. This month we will practice fully embracing every ounce of energy, love and passion practiced in The Inner Circle and open ourselves to the greatness that lies ahead. Embrace the uncertainty of life and enjoy the abundance and flow that it offers.

I believe that every woman has the power to be truly F'N HAPPY! As a Coach, Podcaster, Artist, Mom and recovering people-pleasing perfectionist I've made it my mission to help busy "everything for everybody" women prioritize their happiness, unapologetically embrace their awesomeness, rewrite the story of their lives and change the narrative for the next generation!  

I was once a serious Hot Mess and now I use my coaching skills and wisdom I've amassed from decades of research and experience to support women who are done with just being busy and doing everything for everybody else to step into their brilliance and own their Awesomeness!  

I help women to go from feeling paralyzed + powerless, because of their "should dos", to feeling AWESOME + EXCITED about what they GET TO DO! 

Dionne Thomson, BSc, M.Ed
Your Life Coach 
Founder of The Awesomeness Academy
Host of The Hot Mess to Awesomeness Podcast