Hey there Busy Lady, it's time to ...

Rewrite Your Story and Make
Your Happiness A Priority!
The Awesomeness Academy has EVERYTHING you need...

1) A Community of Women Who "Get It"!
2) Valuable + Easy to Navigate Content!
3) A Kick-Ass Coach in Your Corner!


 ~ A vibrant virtual community of women to cheer you on
~ 'The Busy Woman's Guide to...' 10-part Course series  
~  LIVE Masterclasses + Sisterhood Circles 
~ Access to 1-on-1 Coaching and ongoing support

On top of all that, enjoy The Hot Mess to Awesomeness Podcast, The Resource Collection and Dionne's favourite TED Talks!

Choose the MEMBERSHIP that meets you where you are right now on your Awesomeness Journey and enjoy all the benefits for months + years to come!

"Dionne’s approach, her vibe, her humour, the swearing...won me over. It’s a realistic approach but also a scientific one. I’m the kind of person who likes to research and look into the backstories of everything. Her thought process is clear and the material she shares with clients makes the work feel more tangible. I feel like I now have legitimate tools to work with, more than just theories and concepts, I have action steps!"

Hunter Markle
Fundraising & Community Development Coordinator for Big Brothers, Big Sisters North Simcoe


$7 month / $77 yr

Be brave enough to begin your AWESOMENESS journey! Access tools and resources that will help you get the clarity you need!

This membership is right for you if you're looking to make your happiness a priority and begin your awesomeness journey. You know that there has to be more to life than just making other people happy and you need a place to start! Be brave enough to be a beginner and get access to the tools that will help you uncover what matters most to you and clarify your next step!

1. The 'Becoming Resilient AF' Course
2. The Awesome Resource Collection
3. The Podcast Chat  
4. Let's Talk TED


$27month / $297 yr

Join this vibrant and sacred community of high vibe women who value and understand the power of connection and community!

Your tribe is waiting! Subscribe and enjoy every monthly interactive circle led by hand-picked soul siSTARS who are deeply committed to creating authentic, safe and empowering communities.
 Stay connected to YOUR community, women who value and honour your vulnerable strength. And practice carving out time for you and making it a habit!

1. The 'Becoming Resilient AF' Course
2. The Awesome Resource Collection
3. The Podcast Chat
4. Let's Talk TED
5. Monthly Virtual Sisterhood Circles 


$57 month $597 yr

Get your hands on all the courses + workshops designed specifically for busy women and connect with lifelong learners just like you!

I know you value learning...ME TOO! With this membership you'll get access to EVERY resource, tool, workbook and course I have and will ever create.  If right now, what you need is to get clear on your options and a clear path to the  strategies to move you forward ... and you're done feeling alone, unsure and unhappy, then this is the membership for you! 

1. The 'Becoming Resilient AF' Course
2. The Awesome Resource Collection
3. The Podcast Chat 
4. Let's Talk TED 
5. Monthly Virtual Sisterhood Circles
6. Monthly Guest Expert Masterclasses
7. 'The Busy Woman's Guide to...' Course Series



This exclusive group coaching program (Apr - Dec 2021) is for women who are done with the bullshit + ready to embrace their awesomeness!

This is the program you've been waiting for, an exclusive community of AWESOME women who are ready to take action and commit 100% to building the habit of putting themselves first. It features monthly 1-on-1 coaching calls with Dionne Thomson, monthly mastermind calls, consistent  support (aka  celebrating all your wins) + ALL the Academy has to offer.

1. The 'Becoming Resilient AF' Course
2. The Awesome Resource Collection 
3. The Podcast Chat
4. Let's Talk TED 
5. Monthly Virtual Sisterhood Circles
6. Monthly Guest Expert Masterclasses
7. 'The Busy Woman's Guide to...' Course Series
8.  Monthly Mastermind Meetings
9. Monthly  1-on-1 personalized coaching sessions

The Awesomeness Academy offers you a vibrant  community of busy women who have decided to make their happiness a priority! 
Select the MEMBERSHIP level that is right for you and take advantage of everything you need to put your happiness 1st! 

Hey there Busy Lady! 
I'm excited to welcome you to The Awesomeness Academy. I created this space for you because I believe in every woman's Awesomeness! As a life coach, podcaster, mom, artist (and recovering people-pleasing perfectionist) I have made it my mission to inspire busy (everything for everyone) women, who are ready to bust through their inner critic's bulls#*t to thrive through all change and learn to put their happiness first!
I've been gifted with the ability to see your greatness (even when you can't) and I've created this kick-ass community, curated busy women specific content and offer personalized coaching to help you build the habit of putting YOU at the top of your priority list!  

I know that real happiness is an inside job, and through my 1-on-1 Coaching, The Awesomeness Academy, The Hot Mess to Awesomeness Podcast and the wisdom I’ve gained from decades of research and life experience (I was once a serious HOT MESS) I am here to help you go from feeling paralyzed + powerless, because of your "should dos", to feeling AWESOME + EXCITED about what you GET TO DO!

This is where you belong my friend!
See you soon

~ Dionne

There are 3 steps to being fucking happy...

Who's kidding who... there are way more than 3 steps, but in The Busy Woman's Guide to Being Fucking Happy I've broken it down into 3 do-able chunks! 

1 - CLARITY Do the 3-Part 'Hot Mess Self- Assessment'
2 - COURAGE Learn how to turn down the volume on your inner critic (check out your inner critic's greatest hits on pf 27)
3 - CONFIDENCE Create a habit of being fucking happy, by focusing on what you DO want and doing the work to silence your inner critic!