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This fr*e membership is right for you if you're looking to awaken your awesomeness. You know that there has to be more to life than just making other people happy and you need a place to start! Start here and get access to the tools that will help you uncover what matters most to you and clarify your next step!


This membership is perfect for you if you know that RIGHT NOW what you need is your tribe! You're done feeling alone and you're ready to ignite your awesomeness! This stepping-stone membership includes all the resources in the fr*e Community membership PLUS access to (online) monthly Sacred Sisterhood Circles! 

Master Your F'N Awesomeness

This is THE membership for you if you're ready to put yourself first and fully embrace your awesomeness! Access EVERYTHING, every resource, class, circle + coaching program. The bonus features of this "all the things" plan are quarterly 1-on-1 Strategy calls, monthly group coaching + VIP access to everything offered by Dionne Thomson Coaching

The Awesomeness Academy is a fun (safe) place for busy "everything for everyone" women to explore and practice making their happiness a priority! It has everything you need to Awaken, Ignite + Embrace your F'N Awesomeness

1) A community of women who "get you"!
2) Relevant and easy to navigate content!
3) And a Kick-Ass Coach in your corner! 

Hi, I'm Dionne Thomson, the founder of The Awesomeness Academy, and I believe that every woman has the power to be truly F'N HAPPY! As a Life Coach (Mom, Artist + Speaker) I help busy "everything for everybody" women prioritize their happiness, unapologetically embrace their awesomeness, rewrite the story of their lives and change the narrative for the next generation!

Inside The Awesomeness Academy I use my intuitive coaching skills and the wisdom I've amassed from decades of research and experience (I was once a VERY Hot Mess) to support women who want to end the battle with their inner critic, step into their brilliance and own their Awesomeness!

My core belief, and the foundation for all that I do, is...

"Given the right tools, mindset strategies and support, every woman can discover her potential, ignite her passion and make a habit of BEING AWESOME!"

I look forward to welcoming you as a member to The Awesomeness Academy!
~ Dionne