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Get your hands on all the courses + workshops designed specifically for busy women and connect with lifelong learners just like you!

I know you value the empowering act of learning...ME TOO!

With this membership you'll get access to EVERY resource, tool, workbook and course I have and will ever create. It's perfect for you if you know that RIGHT NOW what you need is to get clear on your options and figure out the right strategies that will get you on the path to real fucking happiness. Take advantage of every course, workshop and LIVE session and learn how to go from feeling paralyzed + powerless, because of your "should dos",
to feeling AWESOME + EXCITED about what you GET TO DO!

If you're done feeling alone and you're ready to EMBRACE YOUR AWESOMENESS this is the membership for you! 

Features + Benefits of your MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION

  • 1.  The 'Becoming Resilient AF' Course - The one course you want if you plan to change any habits or learn anything new on your journey to AWESOMENESS!
  • 2. The Resource Collection - The most effective coaching tools I use with my clients
  • 3. The Podcast Chat - Listen to every episode and join the live conversation, share your thoughts, ideas and questions.
  • 4. Let's Talk TED - Check out my favourites and share your ahas
  • 5. Monthly Virtual Sisterhood Circles - Be reminded that you are not alone and leave with your cup filled! 
  • 6. Monthly LIVE "Cool Shit" Masterclass - Growth and success is ignited when we take the time to follow our fascinations! Join us every month to learn something new, interesting and exciting! 
  • 7. 'The Busy Woman's Guide to...' Course Series  - Watch for the first course in this 10-part series THRIVING THROUGH CHANGE: Becoming Resilient AF! 


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Dionne, your Life Coach + the founder of The Awesomeness Academy, believes that every woman has the power to be truly F'N HAPPY! As a Coach (Mom, Artist + Speaker) Dionne helps busy "everything for everybody" women prioritize their happiness, unapologetically embrace their awesomeness, rewrite the story of their lives and change the narrative for the next generation!

Dionne uses her coaching skills  and the wisdom she has amassed from decades of research and experience (she was once a VERY Hot Mess) to support women who are done with just being busy and doing everything for everybody else to step into their Brilliance and own their Awesomeness!

Her core belief, and the foundation for all that she does, is that "Given the right tools, mindset strategies and support, every woman can discover her potential, ignite her passion and make a habit of BEING AWESOME!" ~ Dionne ~ 

Dionne Thomson, BSc, M.Ed
Your Life Coach + Founder of The Awesomeness Academy