Write Through To You: The A.W.E.S.O.M.E. Journaling STARTER KIT

Everything you need to build your A.W.E.S.O.M.E. Journaling Habit!

I get it...you're a bit skeptical

* Is it really all it's cracked up to be?
* People say that it's changed their lives. Really !?!
* I have a hard time believing that journaling can reduce stress, increase confidence, improve relationships
AND will help me deal with anger... all without having to share my problems with anyone else?

Are you thinking that if half of what you've heard and read is true, it might be worth checking out?

Annnnd I know there's a "YEAH BUT..." coming.
I created this STARTER KIT because of that BUT!

What would happen if you replaced your "YEAH BUT" with ...
"I want the benefits of journaling AND I haven't quite figured out how to make journaling work for me...YET!"


The STARTER KIT is a combination of 3 pieces, that when used together, help you to create a journaling habit that fits your life. 

Learn to focus on HOW to build your habit, and uncover which journaling strategies work best for you!  

Founded on the principle that when you practice and master HOW you process change (a.k.a how YOU learn), you can quickly move through ANY change with ease and flow. When you embrace The A.W.E.S.O.M.E. Way (described fully in the Online Course) and get good at change, you can quickly build your new habit with all the information, skills and beliefs you desire, fully integrated, no longer 'new', no longer hard, simply a part of you.

I challenge you to see, LEARNING TO BUILD YOUR JOURNALING HABIT, as a 'change' you've chosen!   

1 - The Workbook

This workbook is full of activities that will stretch you out of your comfort zone and strengthen the foundation you're building your journaling habit on.

It's filled with reflective challenges and questions to get you thinking about:  

WHY you want to embrace journaling  
HOW you can incorporate journaling into your life  
WHAT you can do to make journaling a habit!

2 - The Course

Get lifetime access to all digital resources and support materials you need to enhance your learning and speed up the 'habit building' process.  
1 - Video lessons to amplify your awesomeness  
2 - Worksheets to keep you motivated
3 - Mindset activities to help you shift your perspective
4 - Access to a supportive community to inspire you to put YOU 1st!

3 - The Journal

Journaling is a Keystone Habit: repeated thoughts or behaviours introduced into your routines that can have positive unintentional impacts on all the other aspects of your life.

When you put your attention (and intention) on journaling for 90-days (after completing the Workbook + Course), and get good at it, something magical happens… you'll begin to see brilliant cross-over effects in other areas of your life. #yesplease

There are 3 ways to get your hands on THE STARTER KIT! 


Exactly what you need to erase your "YEAH BUTS" and make journaling work for you!
1 - The Workbook, complete with 10 days of activities that WILL stretch you out of your comfort zone & strengthen the foundation you're building your new habit on.
2 - The Online Course extra support materials that have been designed to help you build and maintain your journaling muscle! With lifetime access, use the resources anytime!
3 - The A.W.E.S.O.M.E. 90-Day Journal, filled with motivational prompts, empowering quotes and inspirational art will get you excited to journal everyday for 3 months!


Get the STARTER KIT: Workbook, Course + 90-Day Journal PLUS get a beautifully handcrafted leather journal cover AND 1 year's worth of inspiring journal refills! 
We've partnered with Marnie & Michael, a leather boutique who's mission is to support mental health initiatives with profits from their work, so that we could offer you a gorgeous cover for your 90-Day Journal and give back to our community. Having a cover (with a year's worth of refills) helps to build your journaling habit as it becomes an anchor, a beautiful visual cue, that reminds you that you GET TO journal! And there is something cathartic about removing an old full journal and replacing it with a fresh new blank slate! 


The ALL IN package includes EVERYTHING listed above PLUS you will get the serious bonus of a journaling coach in your corner! 
Complete with 3 monthly 1-on-1 sessions with your journaling coach Dionne Thomson (valued at $750), you will also get daily reminders, motivation and support sent right to your inbox! This package is for women who recognize the significant impact journaling will have on their entire life. And it has been uniquely designed to help those eager to make journaling a habit. Quickly get past your "YEAH BUTS" and start enjoying the hundreds of benefits as soon as possible! 


Dionne Thomson

Motivated by the brave, brilliant women in her life and her drive to change the narrative for busy women everywhere, Dionne is on a mission is to help 1 million women end the battle with their inner critic!

For decades she spent her time and energy (and money) trying to live into society’s shouldy expectations, believing that making others happy would (somehow) make her happy. And it took a series of serious breakdowns for her to finally bust through that bull$#*t. 

Through it all she's learned that our collective purpose on this planet is to be happy and enjoy life, not beat ourselves up about the past or worry about the future. Through her work as a coach, podcaster, author, artist, and if you ask her clients, “inner critic whisperer”, she inspires busy women to take ownership of their lives and finally turn the volume down on their inner critic. 

She spent years feeling overworked and under-appreciated, believing that part of our duty as women was to stay put on the back burner of our own lives. If you've ever felt the same way, Dionne is here to help you believe something different. 

The brave, brilliant women she works with, struggle with perfectionism, people-pleasing, numbing, and the imposter demons; and for years chalked up how they felt to not enoughness… 

To help women overcome these patterns of disconnection she puts easy and effective tools, like her Journaling Starter Kit, in their hands, so they too, can breakthrough the bullshit and become the awesome, authentically happy people, they are born to be!

When she isn't working she spends much of her time fully immersed in the joys of family life with her hubby, 2 littles and fur-baby Penny. She also feels free to follow her fascinations, to infuse love and laughter into every conversation, and...this one is very important... will stop at nothing to enjoy her favourite ice cream - Moose Tracks!


Dionne wants her work and her life to inspire us all to use our collective voice to bust through the shame-driven culture we Iive in, write a new chapter for all women and most importantly re-write the narrative for you and the next generation!

  • $59 CAD

    Starter Kit

  • $159 CAD

    Starter Kit with Cover & Refills

  • $599 CAD

    Starter Kit with Cover & Refills PLUS Coaching

    I'M ALL IN!


Make YOU a priority!
When you do, where and how you choose to spend your time can drastically change. Like with all changes, show yourself the compassion that you often save for others. And most importantly see your journaling as practice...something that you need to work up to. Start with 1 minute and build your journaling time up from there. 

Talk to yourself!
It's not a writing assignment, journaling is about having a conversation with yourself. Just like chatting with a good friend, your thoughts will twist and turn, you'll begin to appreciate new perspectives and you'll walk away feeling seen and heard!

Begin with gratitude!
For the first few weeks choose to write at times of joy, relaxation and highlight what is going well. The purpose is to create a positive association with your journal, a place where good things happen. Doing so will help to turn the volume down on your itty-bitty-shitty-committee and give you the confidence to let your thoughts flow when you're feeling low! 

Trust the process!
The magic of journaling is in the PROCESS not the PRODUCT! You don't need to keep or re-read what you wrote. Consider using loose paper so you can easily dispose of your writing immediately afterwards! This fear will begin to subside the more you engage with your journaling practice. Repeat after me... I TRUST THE PROCESS!

What you practice, you get good at! If you've been practicing NOT journaling for years, you are likely very good at that now. AW.E.S.O.M.E habits, like journaling, that create positive ripple effects on your life, are established through intention, alignment AND repetition. I invite you to identify and align with WHY you want to journal...this will help during those moments of "discomfort" a.k.a. learning + growth!