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Stories are a powerful tool. We listen and hear ourselves in the words of others and know that we’re not alone in the world. The Hot Mess to Awesomeness podcast offers busy women the chance to hear the stories of how other amazing women have battled their inner critic, all the ‘shoulds’, the social norms, and adopted a mindset necessary to move through their Hot Mess moments and embrace their awesome.

Listening to the Hot Mess to Awesomeness podcast will help you uncover new ways to experience the world and find solutions to some of the problems you are facing by sharing in the stories and experiences of other women.

Start at Episode 1 or choose the episodes that speak to you. Tune into each episode on your favourite podcast platform, then join the DISCUSSION (top left of your screen) or under the COMMUNITY chat, share your thoughts, ideas, aha moments and takeaways! Remember to engage and chat with other Awesomeness Academy members. #togetherwerise #hotmesstoawesomeness #thisisyourtribe #youvegotthis 

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Dionne, your Life Coach + the founder of The Awesomeness Academy, believes that every woman has the power to be truly F'N HAPPY! As a Coach (Mom, Artist + Speaker) Dionne helps busy "everything for everybody" women prioritize their happiness, unapologetically embrace their awesomeness, rewrite the story of their lives and change the narrative for the next generation!

Dionne uses her coaching skills  and the wisdom she has amassed from decades of research and experience (she was once a VERY Hot Mess) to support women who are done with just being busy and doing everything for everybody else to step into their brilliance and own their Awesomeness!

Her core belief, and the foundation for all that she does, is that "Given the right tools, mindset strategies and support, every woman can discover her potential, ignite her passion and make a habit of BEING AWESOME!" ~ Dionne ~ 

Dionne Thomson, BSc, M.Ed
Your Life Coach + Founder of The Awesomeness Academy