Sometimes what we really need is a loving kick in the ass!  

I get it, you’re busy. And maybe you struggle with what to write or don’t see how journaling could work for you?

The biggest struggle most of us have is getting past that little shitty voice in our heads that wants us to believe that we can’t.


What you need is a community, accountability and ton of support from someone, who like you, struggled with making journaling a habit! This Club has everything you need to take you from “I know I should but…” to “I abso-f#king-lutely LOVE IT!”

Embrace your awesomeness NOW and make it possible to:
1 - Reduce your stress
2 - Achieve your goals faster
3 - Improve the quality of your relationships and most importantly
4 - (re)build a loving & trusting relationship with YOU!

Enjoy my step-by-step, exactly-how-you-do-it system for building a strong, non-negotiable journaling habit.

This will be a deep dive into what it takes to journal through the highs and lows of life.

It has everything you need to build an AWESOME journaling habit, including:

1 - A beautiful inspirational journal (sent to you every year)
2 -  Live Inspirational Calls
3 - Videos, worksheets & helpful resources
4 - 100+ prompts & empowering activities &
5 - A kick-ass community to cheer you on!

Learn (and start using) everything I know & love about journaling today.

The Journaling Course

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Have you been saying, for way to long, "I should journal MORE but..."?

Maybe you already journal off and on, but struggle with what to write or finding the time. Maybe, not doing it "right" has kept you from diving in or every time you sit down, life gets in the way.

 Maybe you've tried it a bunch of times and no matter what you do or how many pretty journals you buy,  it just doesn't seem to work for you.  

What if I told you that (even though you're busy AF) you can build a journaling habit that'll help you reduce your stress, feel more confident and most importantly help you (re)build a trusting relationship with yourself without all the shoulding?  It's true and it doesn't have to be hard!    

Start by asking yourself the same question that got me from believing that journaling was a complete waste of  time, to it being the #1 thing I attribute to my healing, my creative spark, my success, my happiness, my ability to love fully and, without a doubt, is the reason I am here today!    


Short answer...You'd stop relying on hope and willpower (and shame) to get the job done. Leaving room to focus on why you want journaling to be a part of your life...and spoiler alert...    

This is the easiest and fastest way to build any habit!  

"Dionne’s approach, her vibe, her humour, the swearing...won me over. It’s a realistic approach but also a scientific one. I’m the kind of person who likes to research and look into the backstories of everything. Her thought process is clear and the material she shares with clients makes the work feel more tangible. I feel like I now have legitimate tools to work with, more than just theories and concepts, I have action steps!"

Hunter Markle
Fundraising & Community Development Coordinator 

The Journaling Course

$87 CAD
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I'm Dionne a life coach, podcaster, storyteller, artist and recovering people-pleasing-perfectionist on a mission to guide amazing people (like you), from Hot Mess to Awesomeness!

I know that breaking old patterns can feel lonely and overwhelming. The act of getting comfortable with uncertainty, making new habits and putting yourself first, takes courage (and practice).

Working with someone who understands how and why your inner critic has been in charge for so long is like having a personal guide to help you over and through all the obstacles that are on your path. More than that, my innate and intuitive curiosity will help you to uncover your inner wisdom and unique awesomeness, making it possible for you to hone in on exactly what you need to live an authentically happy and prosperous life!

You've Got This & I've Got You!