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Grab these 10 AWESOME resources, start smashing through your old habits, and build the habit of putting YOU 1st NOW!
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The TOP 10 Resources to help you end the battle with your inner critic. Write a NEW chapter in your story and build the habit of being F#CKING HAPPY! 

1 -The Hot Mess Assessment

There are 3 parts to this self-assessment. To get the most out of your this experience, complete this assessment every 3 months; calculate your scores, notice your growth and where you are stuck. Between assessments engage with communities, content and coaching that support you as you move up the Happiness Scale!
The 3 Parts:
1 - Identify your risk level for habits, thoughts and behaviours that prevent you from being authentically happy?
2 - Identify your beliefs and assumptions that underlie and fuel Busy Woman Burnout behaviour.
3 - Are you experiencing Busy Woman Burnout related symptoms?

2 -The Inner Critic Bullshit Busting Method

When you're in HOT MESS territory, your inner critic is in the driver's seat. And it's the part of you responsible for resisting change and keeping you stuck. It holds on to the habits, thoughts, beliefs, assumptions and behaviours that prevent you from being authentically F'N happy! And any attempt to move from Hot Mess to Awesomeness is an invitation for your inner critic to show up and F things up for you.

The key to kicking your inner critic to the curb, is to identify the bullshit behaviours it's using to keep you small and then do the work bust through it's crap. (I also recommend you give it a name so you know who you're up against!)

In this workbook your learn how to identify when your inner-critic is in the driver's seat and exactly what to do to kick it to the back of the bus!  

3 - Identify Your Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs are what they sound like: beliefs that limit what you believe is possible for yourself or what you will allow in your life. Excuses, negative thoughts, justifications, worries, beliefs conditioned from culture or family, thought patterns, perfectionistic/people pleasing thinking, replaying of past failures, fear. When you have self-limiting beliefs, you often won’t let amazing things that want to show up in your life show up. Whatever your limiting beliefs are, they restrict the scope of how you see the world.

 This workbook will walk you through what limiting beliefs are, how to identify yours and what you can do to clear them out. I recommend that you complete the Values Assessment prior to working on your limiting beliefs...often our beliefs are intertwined with our values and in order to pull them apart you need to be super clear on what matters most to you. The next step is to decide what you do want to believe and then seek out evidence of it!

This activity will challenge will stretch your thinking...remember limiting beliefs exist OUT OF YOUR AWARENESS and when you begin to question what you believe you may also begin to question your SELF! The Awesomeness Academy Community is a GREAT place to get support, you are not alone my friend!

4 - Clear Out The Shoulds

Everything in your life that you notice is incomplete (the shoulds you can’t shake), drain energy from you and your awesomeness. This is a quick and easy checklist (that you can add to) that will help you clear out the shoulds giving you more time and energy to focus on what you DO WANT!

Start with one of the should examples given, add any additional shoulds you can't shake from your life + feel your way through your list.

Many people are really motivated in the beginning but slowly lose steam as the tasks become a bit more daunting (and take longer than a day). If you find that you need a bit more support reach out in The Awesomeness Academy Community for some help! I guarantee that there is another member facing the same issue and together you could keep each other accountable!

5 - Calm The Storm

This is a quick strategy that will help you go from thinking about what you don't want to focusing on what you do want. It's reflective exercise to help shift your energy and perspective.  In this activity  you will highlight and re-write the stories you tell yourself that do not serve you and learn to create memories that align with how you WANT to feel!

You can use this tonight, tomorrow or whenever you notice that in your journalling you're focusing on what you don’t want. Use with short pieces or snippets of your journal, moments that when reframed, will shift your feelings and move you towards what you want.

If you are not yet a "journaler" and you've heard that journalling is a good way for busy "everything for everyone" women to get more clarity and confidence then be sure to check out the Busy Woman's Journaling Masterclass in March 2021!

6 - Build The Habit of Being AWESOME

You have to allow for change and subsequently take the A.W.E.S.O.M.E. steps to grow from it, in order to thrive through it. Surviving or thriving through change is a choice. With every change you experience comes the decision to resist it or allow it. Resisting change (blame, unprocessed grief and lack of trust) can keep you stuck indefinitely and ensures that it will always be hard. Allowing change, makes thriving through it possible. Building the habit of Being A.W.E.S.O.M.E. requires you allow change.

The activities in this monthly workbook are designed to help you identify which areas of the A.W.E.S.O.M.E Process need your attention. Learn to get comfortable with allowing change and practice being A.W.E.S.O.M.E. until it becomes a habit and makes it possible for you to thrive through change with ease and flow! 

7 -  The AWESOME  Habit Tracker

Getting good at celebrating your successes is an integral part of being F#CKING HAPPY!

This easy to use tracker gives you the opportunity to celebrate all the steps you take on your journey to being F#CKING HAPPY!  Similar to the impact a vision board can have on your thoughts and behaviours, by regularly acknowledging every action you take in the direction of your goals, you strengthen your connection to your authentic happiness. Each step that moves you towards your habit of being AWESOME deserves to celebrated!

Print as many as you'd like and post them where you will see them. At the same time every day check off when you've practiced any of the behaviours that you've identified as steps that will lead you to developing the habit of being F#CKING HAPPY!

8 - Let's Talk TED

Check out Dionne's TOP 10 favourite inspirational, motivational and educational TED Talks!

This playlist has been curated specifically to help you to shift your perspective, embrace your potential AWESOMENESS and inspire you to take action! Carve out 10-20 minutes every day just for you!

TED Talks (Technology, Entertainment + Design in case you were wondering about the acronym) are perfect for busy women who love learning and don't always have time to read all the books on their "to read" list!

Get Curious, explore topics you've never heard of, expand your perspective and invite new and exciting ways to view the world! Happiness is grounded in your willingness to follow your fascinations!

9 - Let Art Inspire YOU!

For years Dionne has been creating art and handlettered inspirational quotes for her clients.
Now you too can enjoy these beautiful pieces. Download, print and make them the lock/home screen on your phone! Engage with these reminders of your awesomeness daily and marvel at the impact these high vibe quotes have on your life!

Print one out each week and set your intention to live into the words, the meaning they have for you and the vision of your future that they inspire you to believe in!


10 - The 3-Step Values Assessment

Your values determine how you answer this question. Our core values highlight what we stand for. Values guide our behaviours, decisions and actions.  When you know what you value, you can live in accord with those values. This leads to fulfillment.

When you don't know your values, you violate them daily. This creates internal tension. And this tension triggers destructive habits and behaviour.This is your step-by-step process to uncover and name your values. When people hear about core values, they often want to select them from a list; it seems easier to pick them from a menu.  

But values aren’t selected; they’re discovered. We don’t choose our values. Our values reveal themselves to us.  If you start with a list of core values, your conscious mind will evaluate which values sound “better” than others. You will select personal values that “look good” based on your desired self-image.

Instead of picking from a list, I offer exercises to discover your values for yourself.

Course Curriculum

Dionne, your Life Coach + the founder of The Awesomeness Academy, believes that every woman has the power to be truly F'N HAPPY! As a Coach (Mom, Artist + Speaker) Dionne helps busy "everything for everybody" women prioritize their happiness, unapologetically embrace their awesomeness, rewrite the story of their lives and change the narrative for the next generation!

Dionne uses her coaching skills  and the wisdom she has amassed from decades of research and experience (she was once a VERY Hot Mess) to support women who are done with just being busy and doing everything for everybody else to step into their brilliance and own their Awesomeness!

Her core belief, and the foundation for all that she does, is that "Given the right tools, mindset strategies and support, every woman can discover her potential, ignite her passion and make a habit of BEING AWESOME!" ~ Dionne ~ 

Dionne Thomson, BSc, M.Ed
Your Life Coach + Founder of The Awesomeness Academy